Old buildings are transformed into walls

Through the coexistence of new and old construction, the collision between the past and the present makes the spatial structure and scale meet the needs of modern commercial operation. Due to the time, no matter from the appearance or the design, it has gradually lost its value. The renovation of the old house has made some changes, so that people can find the pleasure of living again. The advantages of old building walls: simple process, high efficiency, low cost.

Solution application system:

1. Light partition system

2. Light steel partition wall system

Solution application place:

Hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, shopping malls, public buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals, factories, houses and so on

Product attributes (material composition) :

1, calcium silicate cement board + decorative board

2. Lightweight partition board + decorative board

The wall solutions and board products of huachengxing building materials are applied in many fields, such as industry, commerce and public buildings. They are applicable to all kinds of new-type building application projects, and achieve sound insulation, protection, safety, economic and practical functions while being environmentally friendly and green. If you are interested in us or have questions, please call: 18801148999, we will provide you with intimate service, huachengxing building materials welcome your presence!