Multi-functional composite wall

Complies with the national industry and the global wall system development trend, in the limited space to do flexible art space design! Multi-functional composite wall for the green building demand molding majestic, magnificent overall effect, let you experience the pursuit of art and feeling in life, work, experience the elegant living environment. The advantages of multi-functional composite wall: excellent performance, sound insulation, fire, anti collision, heat insulation, moisture-proof and waterproof, seismic, can be used for many times; Construction fast, dry construction, convenient and fast, shorten the construction period, reduce construction waste.

Solution application system:

1. Sound insulation wall system;

2, fire resistance wall system;

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof wall system;

4. Lightweight energy-saving wall system

Solution application place:

Hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, shopping malls, public buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals, factories, houses and so on

Product attributes (material composition) :

The wall solutions and board products of huachengxing building materials are applicable to many fields, such as industry, commerce and public buildings. They are applicable to all kinds of new building application projects, and achieve sound insulation, protection, safety, economic and practical functions while being green. If you are interested in us or have questions, please call: 18801148999, we will provide you with intimate service, huachengxing building materials welcome your presence!