Steel structure building wall

Steel structure building is a new type of building system, is the real estate industry, construction, metallurgy industry between the industry boundaries, set into a new industrial system, this is the industry is generally optimistic about the steel structure building system. At present, the application of steel structure building wall in high-rise buildings is becoming more and more mature, and it has gradually become the mainstream construction technology. Advantages of steel structure building wall: make building wall full of function; Reduce construction cost and shorten construction period; Steel structure building wall can meet the requirement of over height and over span; Raw materials can be recycled and contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Solution application system:

1. Light steel partition wall system;

2. Heavy-duty steel partition wall system;

Solution application place:

Hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, shopping malls, public buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals, factories, houses and so on

Product attributes (material composition) :

1, calcium silicate cement board + decorative board

2. Lightweight partition board + decorative board

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