Energy-saving building wall

Introduction to the energy saving building wall project: huacheng xing energy saving building wall has good heat insulation, heat preservation performance, with the season climate change and automatically adjust the content of water in the indoor air, so that the temperature to maintain a temperature level, to achieve the effect of ecological regulation, in line with the trend of modern residential building development. Widely used in a variety of composite housing: low-rise buildings, duplex apartments, villas and urban housing. The energy - saving building wall is a non - load-bearing wall.

Product composition:

1. Lightweight partition board

2, calcium silicate cement board

Lightweight partition panel: for the modern high-rise buildings, ecological residential interior space, type and structure, and the development and production of lightweight partition panel, it is 100% free of asbestos and formaldehyde, the use of advanced German equipment refined from. The birth of huacheng xing lightweight partition board indicates that the wall material will inevitably be replaced by the traditional block, and its new architectural idea and excellent performance meet the requirements of modern architectural environment.

Calcium silicate cement: the high purity quartz sand, mica, perlite, a variety of organic and inorganic material such as plant fiber composition, 100% do not contain asbestos, using the method of advanced program-controlled equipment and flow slurry process molding, high-temperature autoclave curing and special technology processing, is a kind of green, safe, multi-functional high level building partition board and ceiling panels.

The wall solutions and board products of huachengxing building materials are applied in many fields, such as industry, commerce and public buildings. They are applicable to all kinds of new-type building application projects, and achieve sound insulation, protection, safety, economic and practical functions while being environmentally friendly and green. If you are interested in us or have questions, please call: 18801148999, we will provide you with intimate service, huachengxing building materials welcome your presence!