What is the effect of heat insulation bench after all?

Date:2019-3-1 Views:1231
Said the heat insulation bench may be some people will be some strange, but in fact the heat insulation principle of heat insulation bench in ancient China has been applied, the principle is through the flow of air to take away the heat to play a cooling role, so how is the heat insulation bench composed of? Insulation bench by four legs and a bench of bench surface, 20 minutes from the ground, under the condition of high temperature in summer sunshine point-blank building, heat insulation bench to avoid direct sunlight roof block the sun direct heat conduction with building, first through the stool surface temperature retention under the bench, through the natural wind can take away part of the temperature then absorbed through the roof, summer cooling in 4 ~ 6 degrees, in the winter to heat up 3 ~ 7 degrees, is currently the flat-topped house use the most heat insulation heat preservation material. Heat insulation bench often is in cold hot very serious place is used, resemble guangxi, guangdong, hubei to wait a moment. These areas are relatively insulated. So some people will ask me not in these areas, thermal bench is worth buying it? The answer is certainly worth it. Let's take a look at the insulation bench in detail.

The heat insulation bench is mainly made of fiber and cement through mold cutting processing, simple structure, better cooling effect than solid roof heat insulation material. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of light weight, leakage prevention, green, economic, construction and quick and easy maintenance, etc. Huacheng xing is a professional manufacturer of fiber cement products in China. The heat insulation bench of its products is made of high-density fiber cement board as the base material, and Portland cement as the raw material and natural fiber as the reinforcing material, through pulping, molding, high compression, high temperature steaming, and finally cutting with the mold. The bench has the following advantages:

1. Light weight: huacheng xing heat insulation bench is light in weight, easy to transport, easy to install, strong mobility and conducive to recycling.

2. Good thermal insulation: huacheng xing heat insulation overhead bench material has a low thermal conductivity, which reduces the loss of energy and has a significant thermal insulation effect.

3. Convenient construction: there is no need for any wet work when installing the heat insulation stool. Dry construction method is adopted, which is simple and efficient, and can effectively shorten the construction period and reduce the basic investment.

4. Simple and beautiful: huacheng xing heat insulation bench has a regular surface, accurate size and simple and unified color. The roof has a heat insulation effect and good decorative effect.

5. Fire resistance and flame retardant: the non-flammability of the heat insulation bench reaches the national class A standard. After the installation of the heat insulation stool, it has excellent stability and integrity, and has good fireproof performance.

6. Good strength: huacheng xing heat insulation bench is shaped by special production process with high density. It achieves the relative unity of light weight and high strength, and is not easy to be damaged by external forces in normal use.

7. Strong weather resistance: huacheng xing heat insulation bench has the characteristics of rainproof, leakproof and sun protection. In the face of rainy summer, the continuous high temperature and frequent rainfall will still not occur cracking, water leakage and other aging problems.

8. Green safety: huacheng xing heat insulation bench is made of refractory and inorganic materials with superior fire performance. It is not radioactive and will not produce harmful substances due to the change of temperature and humidity environment.

Widely used in building roof insulation and heat insulation. Construction unit and architect can choose this product according to the specific situation of the project. Huachengxing heat insulation bench is the mainstream application product of modern building roof heat insulation. It has been widely used in Beijing, shijiazhuang, Hohhot, baotou, tianjin, Shanghai, guangzhou, xi 'an, dalian and other first-tier and second-tier cities. Main specifications: 500*500*200mm, stool surface thickness of 12mm, 15mm mainly. If customers need other dimensions, the enterprise can cut, special specifications can be scheduled processing. If there is any technical problem, please contact our company in time.