What is the use of reinforced fiber cement board

Date:2019-1-9 Views:1203
Fiber reinforced concrete is a kind of stiffened plate, high density fiber cement is used as base material added made of steel wire rod for high strength cement plate used in construction, reinforced fiber concrete high strength, light weight, is the double entry building, jump a layer, as well as sandwich material of choice for LOFT door model, reinforced fiber cement board compared to conventional casting the weight of the floor slab, approximately a third of its weight, average every square metre can bearing for more than a ton, can fully meet the needs of the civil building of family life. Fiber reinforced concrete is widely used in building exterior wall, partition wall and floor, reinforced fiber concrete has superior fire moistureproof sound-absorbing insulation, as the wall material in the open or half open cases still can maintain the stability of performance, superior weather resistance, which can effectively prevent the wall and the water vapor permeability of structures, the excellent external wall material is both temperature and weather resistance. As a result of what reinforced fiber cement board USES is high density fiber cement board, base material all is inorganic material, the production presses pressurization through 7000 tons, density is high, weather resistance can be superior, won't produce deformation or metamorphism because of the change of environmental temperature at the same time.

Huacheng xing is a professional production manufacturer of fiber cement products, on the fiber cement products production and research and development has nearly 30 years of experience, its product use the high density fiber reinforced fiber cement concrete as the base material, processed by Portland cement, high strength steel wire, natural plant fiber as the main raw material, after pulping, molding, ten thousand tons of press pressure, high temperature steam. Huacheng xing reinforced fiber cement board has the following characteristics: 1, lightweight and high strength 2, fire and moisture-proof 3, heat insulation 4, sound-absorbing and seismic 5, construction fast 6, high durability recommended places of use: serviced apartments, villas, steel structure office buildings, LOFT business space, steel structure workshop on the second floor. Main specifications: 1200* 2400*15-30mm if the customer needs other format size, the enterprise can take the place of cutting, special specifications can be scheduled processing. If there is any technical problem, please contact our company in time.

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