Light steel room panel is a kind of what board

Date:2019-1-9 Views:1210
Light steel house panel is actually a kind of high density fiber cement, it is both thermal insulation and decoration in the integration of building cement plate, plate mainly with light steel structure is used, as the room panel, light steel keel has excellent thermal insulation and resistance to the typhoon and the characteristic of the resistance, plank main component is composed of fiber and cement, the additive flame retardant additives such as modified additives, the pulping, molding, high compression, high temperature steaming, light steel house panel, the appearance of the plain, natural composed appeal inherent thick and elegant are some modern building materials can not follow suit and comparable. Light steel house panel base material is made of high fiber cement board, plank, thin thickness, light weight, high density material structure stability reached the condition of light weight, high strength, can be fully competent civil structures for the use of steel structure mezzanine, and because of its elegant is the surface of the plate facing to natural composed of lasting appeal, is widely used in architectural decoration renovation.

According to customer's demand, light steel house panel can produce two reinforcement and not reinforced plate, stiffened panel is light steel room to add the steel plate, the high strength, light steel house panel can be done using the LOFT floor, compared with the traditional casting slab, the weight of about a third of its weight, average every square metre can bearing for more than a ton, can fully meet the needs of the civil building of family life. Light steel house panel as the roof with light steel keel is very complete and stable after the installation is complete, has the effect of wind pressure balance can reach the requirement of the typhoon, civil architecture completely after years of development of applied in all kinds of the pursuit of artistic effect of venues including the big brand stores and commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, bars, etc. Light steel house panel has the following characteristics: 1, light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, fire prevention, moistureproof 3 4 2 insulation, sound-absorbing earthquake 5, durable 6 easy for construction, green energy saving 7, 8, adornment effect is good, the commonly used specification: 1200 * 2400 * 24 mm recommend the use of places: office buildings, serviced apartments, villas, steel structure LOFT commercial space, 2 steel structure factory building, etc.

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