What kind of stiffened plate is it

Date:2019-1-5 Views:1206
The stiffened plate can be understood as the plate in which the stiffened bar is added. In the structural design, the stiffened bar is used in the direction perpendicular to the panel to improve the bearing capacity of the panel and the overall structure. The stiffened bar and the panel are the overall structure, or they are connected together by means of cementation or welding. The shape of the reinforcing strip is "T", "I", "J" and so on. The stiffened plate is mostly used in the building environment and advanced equipment with high requirement on the plate strength. Such as aircraft, ships, submarines, building steel structure sandwich, partition, etc. Stiffened plate can be divided into metal reinforcement plate and composite stiffened plates and stiffened plate application relatively extensive, small make up today to say of the stiffened plate is a kind of fiber cement based material of composite stiffened plate and the stiffened plate production base material with high density of fiber cement based materials, building materials market is currently the mainstream building board, sheet metal production is made by adding high strength steel wire. Sheet strength is high, weight is light, have outstanding fire prevention moistureproof sex, it is the first selection that light steel structure sandwich material, sheet is compared with traditional pouring floor weight, it is the weight of its 1/3 about. Average per square meter can bear up to more than a ton can fully meet the needs of family life. The effect is more than enough in other environments, because the stiffened board is made of high-density fiber cement board, the base material is inorganic material, the production through 7000 tons of pressure, high density, superior weatherability, at the same time, because of the change of environmental temperature and deformation or deterioration.

Huacheng xing is a professional production manufacturer of fiber cement products, on the fiber cement products production and research and development has nearly 30 years of experience, its product stiffened plate adopts high density fiber cement as the base material, processed by Portland cement, high strength steel wire, natural plant fiber as the main raw material, after pulping, molding, ten thousand tons of press pressure, high temperature steam. It has the following characteristics: 1. Light weight and high strength; 2. Fireproof and moisture-proof; 3. Heat insulation; 4. Sound-absorbing and earthquake-resistant; 5. Main specifications: 1200* 2400*15-30mm if the customer needs other format size, the enterprise can take the place of cutting, special specifications can be scheduled processing. If there is any technical problem, please contact our company in time.

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