Plank is a kind of what board

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Plank road is a kind of built along the cliff road, road in our country has a long history, common road including wooden footway and stone plank road, another plank road is the road, along the cliffs of peripheral digging road first USES is used for people and livestock walking path, and today the plank road built already is not limited to, traffic and transportation, the more is the scenic road tend to be more economic benefits. Today's plank road materials are mainly divided into metal, glass and fiber cement material plank road. Small make up today to say plank road plate is through fiber cement composite material made of pseudo-classic style wood plank road plate, the plank road plate for traditional wooden plank road in the open environment of the defects in fire prevention and corrosion resistance by using cement and fiber as the main materials supplemented by a variety of flame retardant materials modified, plate production when using ten thousand tons press pressure production, at the same time of high strength with fire prevention, moistureproof, corrosion resistance, insect-resistant eat by moth, etc. Board base material belongs to new materials, in 2000 the introduction of domestic, so far has nearly hundred years all over the world, the history of this on the basis of new materials made of the plank road board compared to the traditional wooden plank road weather resistance stronger, insect-resistant eat by moth, acid and alkali resistant, more won't burn, sheet material structure stability reached the condition of light weight, high strength, on average, use time more than five times longer than wood, can be reused many times. It has excellent decorative effect after surface treatment and spraying.

Huacheng xing is a professional production manufacturer of fiber cement products, on the fiber cement products production and research and development has nearly 30 years of experience, its product huacheng hing road plate adopts high density fiber cement as the base material, production through high quality cement and quartz sand silica, calcium minerals, and fiber based materials, flame retardant additives such as inorganic substances, after pulping, forming, one thousand tons of press pressure, high temperature and high pressure pipe coating and so on more than ten working procedure and advanced spraying equipment carefully. It is widely used in outdoor wooden landscape such as paving board, balcony floor, square floor, plank road, horizontal platform, dock, fence, fence, handrail, flower box, grape frame, exterior wall decoration board, etc. Construction unit, designer, construction unit can choose the product according to the specific situation of the project.

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