Inorganic coating substrate is introduced in detail

Date:2019-1-5 Views:1185
Inorganic coating substrate strict explanation is the substrate coating plate, it shall be from the coating plate, coated board mainly comes from the difference between the base plate of material, the current domestic mainstream coating plate substrate is similar to that of concrete with fiber and cement as the main composition of base material, the fiber cement ingredients are inorganic substances, so use this two kinds of material, coating substrates can be referred to as the inorganic coating substrate, then the benefits of inorganic coating substrate? We all know that the composition of concrete is mainly composed of cement and sand and stone. Cement is a cementitious material and sand and stone is a reinforcing material. Concrete has strong strength and low thermal conductivity after condensation, which is also the reason why civil engineering is still used today. But the fiber cement component is to excavate and discard the defects of limited plasticity of concrete material and large weight of reinforcing material and poor decorative property. In view of the characteristics of architectural decoration materials, the fiber cement component replaces the sand and stone component with the fiber component, which makes the fiber component retain the thermal insulation performance as the architectural decoration base material and have better machinability. Through fiber and cement as the main component of the board is made of fiber cement board, used as a coating board substrate according to the different pressure mode of production can produce high, medium, low density of three different inorganic coating substrate. To go back to the previous question I think you should know the advantages of inorganic coating substrates, it not only not burn, nor because of the change of the built environment temperature distribute any harmful substances, and inorganic coating substrates, the physical properties of the same as the concrete strength and the hardness will increase over time and relative increase, completely don't have to worry about bug eat by moth corrosion problems.

The process of inorganic coating substrate is mainly reflected in coating material and substrate production. Huacheng xing is a professional production manufacturer of fiber cement products, on the fiber cement products production and research and development has nearly 30 years of experience, and its products production huacheng xing inorganic coating substrate using the high density fiber cement as the base board, production through: with Portland cement and natural plant fiber as main material and adding flame retardant additives and a variety of additives, the pulping, molding, ten thousand tons of press pressure, high temperature steaming, and surface treatment. Production through advanced spraying equipment to strictly implement a variety of coating spraying process; Including waterproof, weathering protection coating, finish coating, wear-resistant coating and other multi-coating treatment. Huacheng xing inorganic coating
The base plate has the following characteristics: 1, fire and damp proof 2, sound-absorbing and seismic 3, lightweight and high strength 4, heat preservation and insulation 5, green durable 6, construction fast 7, easy to decorate

Suggested places of use: 1. 2. Interior wall ceiling decoration; 3. Subway, station, tunnel and other underground wall decoration; 4. Operating room, clean room and clean production workshop with strict environmental requirements.

Common specifications: 1220*2440*8mm if the customer needs it if the customer needs other format size, the enterprise can take the place of cutting, special specifications can be scheduled processing. Huacheng xing inorganic coating substrate is widely used in various industrial and commercial buildings and civil buildings. Construction unit, designer, construction unit can choose the product according to the specific situation of the project. If there is any technical problem, please contact our company in time.