What is the use of the clear water board

Date:2018-12-19 Views:1189
Plain board is a new type of decorative cement plate, also known as plain concrete plate. The clear water board is mostly used for the external walls of buildings. The board has a lifelike texture of clear water concrete without any decorative surface, and directly USES natural surface for decoration. Clear water board is different from common concrete plank, its surface is level off and smooth, colour and lustre is even cyan gray, plank edges and corners is distinct, without touch damage and pollution, it is the protectant that besmear one or two in the surface only, appear very natural, grave. What clear water board base material chooses is high density fiber cement board, this board has the characteristic such as light quality tall strong, fire proof moistureproof, anticorrosive and durable, it is the base material of material of a lot of mainstream adornment material of market of domestic building materials at present, clear water board is the board that undertakes surface processing on this foundation. The main components of clear water board are composed of cement and fiber, mixed with flame retardant materials and additives, modified by pulping, molding, high compression, high temperature steaming. The architect thinks clear water board is a kind of noble and simple, seemingly simple, but actually it has more artistic effect than resplendence. Clear water board is suitable for each wall that pursues high-end artistic effect.

Huacheng xing is a professional manufacturer to produce fiber cement products, on the fiber cement products production and research and development has nearly 30 years of industry experience, its product water plate using high density fiber cement as base material, the system processing, pre - coating such as the effect of surface treatment process with clear water concrete inside and outside metope adornment effect. Huacheng hing water board has the following characteristics: 1, the professional beautiful 2, high durability, fire prevention, moistureproof 4 heat preservation and heat insulation, light weight, high strength 5, 6, sound-absorbing earthquake 7, 8, the green is easy to do easy for construction safety 9, water board is often used in home outfit, exterior walls, decorative wall, subway, tunnel, etc indoor engineering wall plate, the LOGO wall, condole top ceiling and partition of all kinds of commercial and industrial engineering, etc. Commonly used specifications: 1220*2440*8mm huachengxing clear water plate is designed through the grid layout of the outer facade, imitating the open joints, zen joints, bolt holes and surface texture and texture of cast-in-place concrete, so as to achieve the unity of point, line and surface. Of large area dinkum tonal swing asperses, make integral style is pure and clear nature, pure and plain. Unexpectedly rich artistic conception of the space, ingenuity to the details, elegant uncommon into the whole!

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