What is the use of fiber cement

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If any building materials building materials industry in the 21st century, the biggest dosage is belong to fiber cement board, fiber cement board can see from the name of his composition is composed of cement and fiber as main material, fabric composition including mineral fiber and plant fiber, fiber composition is characterized by high flexural strength, flexural, chemical and thermal erosion resistance, electrical insulation and features, etc., made by both plate not only has excellent fireproof moistureproof function, at the same time, he will increase over time and relative increase hardness, thus fiber cement is a versatile plank. Fiber cement board has nearly a hundred years of development history, the application of the scope of the construction industry involved in various fields, to fiber cement board as the basic material processing of the board is also up to dozens of different. With the development of society, the progress of science and technology, the production of fiber cement board has also made new progress. In 2000, the world's first high-density fiber cement board was introduced into China. Different from ordinary fiber cement board, it has higher strength and higher density, which can adapt to more construction fields. This kind of high density fiber cement board was born in Germany, a big industrial country. Up to now the high density fiber cement board has been developed for nearly 20 years in China, and most manufacturers in the country have started to produce.

Fiber cement board according to the different application of pressure mode in production is also different, 4-6mm for ceiling ceiling, 8-12mm for partition or decoration, the thicker high-density board can be used as a steel structure sandwich. The domestic general size is 1200*2400 and the international general size is 1220*2440.

Huacheng xing is a professional production of fiber cement products manufacturers, in the production and development of fiber cement products have unique industry experience, its products huacheng xing fiber cement board is Portland cement, natural mineral plant fiber as the main raw material, through pulping, molding, high compression, high temperature steaming. Huacheng xing fiber cement board has the following characteristics: 1. Fire retardant 2. Waterproof and moisture-proof 3. Heat insulation and sound insulation 4. Lightweight and high strength 5. Convenient construction 6.

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