How about the whole body board

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Tower board is a kind of adornment insulation integrated building cement plate, its main composition is composed of fiber and cement, the base material is 2000 the introduction of domestic high density fiber cement board, plank wide field of application, is light weight, high strength, fire prevention, moistureproof features, including prominent is its surface texture with similar Yu Qingshui concrete, the effect of board density can be used to open or half open cases weather, here is the perfect plate based on light processing of decorative plates, the characteristics of the brick plate is perfect color, smooth surface, (general surface treatment technology is not enough manufacturers can not do the whole body board) the whole body board is a natural texture of plant fiber, and there is the luster of stone and texture, different color collocation is conducive to designers inspire creativity.

Tower plate and the application scope of the outer walls of the building materials market popular water board, wall wood board and other decorative plate USES is the same, the mainstream tower plate based on cement and basic materials and adhesives with mineral fibre cement and other fiber as the reinforced material, the pulping, molding, high compression and high temperature steaming and surface treatment process made of a sheet, tower plate used in all kinds of domestic power plants, chemical industry and other places of circuit density and fire retardant cable engineering. It is also the best fire-retardant material for interior decoration of public places such as large shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses, document halls, closed clothing markets, light industry markets and theaters. At the same time the whole body plate broke through the traditional plate decoration after the indoor pungent, harmful volatile matter seriously exceeded the standard, can achieve the installation can be checked in the requirements, the general thickness of the whole body plate is 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Standard specifications 2400*1200 and 2440*1220 construction unit construction unit can choose the product according to the specific situation, special specifications can request booking processing.

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