What are the characteristics of high - strength fiber cement board

Date:2018-11-30 Views:1199
High strength fiber cement board is actually high density fiber cement board, high-strength fiber cement from "high" two characters is not hard to understand the high strength, high strength fiber cement can be divided into two main plank is a kind of reinforcement, one kind is not reinforced, factory can be customized according to customer need, including stiffened plate is in high density fiber cement added during the production of high strength steel wire enhanced role, this kind of reinforced high strength fiber sandwich use multi-purpose steel slabs, high strength price is relatively more expensive than not reinforced, not reinforced high-strength fiber cement board in the amount of building materials market is very big, This board introduces domestic nearly 20 years in Germany, it is the base material of a lot of mainstream building materials of domestic building materials market, include wood grain board, plank road board, clear water board to wait for adornment function integral whole material. Not reinforced high-strength fiber cement production technology requirement is high, need by one thousand tons press pressure generally without compressor manufacturer production, high strength fiber cement material structure stability reached the condition of light weight, high strength, its stable physical properties of high density high waterproof insulation and corrosion function, at the same time high strength fiber cement fire superior performance conductive coefficient is low, is the ideal insulation material.

Huacheng xing is a professional production of fiber cement products manufacturers, in the production and development of fiber cement products have nearly 30 years of industry experience, its products high strength fiber cement board to Portland cement, natural mineral plant fiber as the main raw materials, through pulping, molding, high compression, high temperature steaming. Huacheng xing high-strength fiber cement board has the following characteristics: 1. Fire retardant 2. Waterproof and moisture-proof 3. Heat insulation and sound insulation 4
Mainly used in: shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, new residential, renovation, entertainment venues, all kinds of industrial and commercial buildings and civil buildings.

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