Application data of clear water board

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Water board is also called the water wall hangs Taiwan belongs to the architectural decoration with cement plate at the same time can also be referred to as the water concrete plate, because its surface color is similar to the grey concrete which is named, water board has the very good adornment effect, it belongs to the one-time pouring shape, without any decoration, direct application of cast-in-situ concrete natural surface as veneer, so different from ordinary concrete, the surface level off is smooth, colour and lustre is uniform, angular, no touch damage and pollution, only in the surface layer or two layer of transparent protective agent, appear very natural, grave. The softness, hardness, warmth and indifference of the materials themselves not only affect people's senses and spirit, but also express the architectural emotion.

Huacheng xing is a professional manufacturer of fiber cement products, with nearly 30 years of industry experience in the production and research and development of fiber cement products. Invite domestic and foreign experts in the cement fiber industry to participate in the design, research and development, production of new building materials. The product has been widely used in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and other places, belongs to the cement fiber products, with high-quality high grade cement as the basic material, and with natural plant fiber and auxiliary materials to modify the cement, through advanced production process molding, pressure, steaming and other special technology processing made. Huacheng xing clear water board has the following characteristics:

1. Unique appearance: huacheng xing clear water board adopts high-density fiber cement board as the base material, and through systematic processing, pre-coating and other surface treatment processes, it forms the interior and exterior wall decoration effect with realistic clear water concrete effect. Through the layout design of the facade, it imitates the surface texture and texture of cast-in-place concrete joints, zen joints, bolt holes and surface texture, so as to achieve the unity of point, line and surface. Of large area dinkum tonal swing asperses, make integral style is pure and clear nature, pure and plain. Unexpectedly rich artistic conception of the space, ingenuity to the details, elegant uncommon into the whole!

2, the quality is superior, appear on the market at present is more is the imitation of water board decorative plate and sheet of water after pouring cement for the editing, these two kinds of plank floor slab processing water than high density fiber board, the reason of the high density fiber cement base material to manufacture the difficulty, high density of high density fiber cement board is fiber cement products, production need to pass one thousand tons press pressure, without compressor manufacturer. This also is good clear water board price more expensive reason.

3, fire retardant: huacheng xing clear water board reached the national A1 fire standards, the substrate high-density fiber cement board materials are inorganic not combustion, not because of the rise in temperature and emit toxic gas, fire can be effectively controlled in the initial unit fire.

4, light and high strength: plate practice makes its weight light, fiber cement components by the press pressure material structure stability, to achieve the conditions of light and high strength greatly reduce the foundation load of keel and building.

5, thermal insulation: huacheng xing clear water board low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, is the ideal insulation material, thus reducing the space heating, air conditioning energy loss.

6. Sound-absorbing and anti-seismic: the board with high density is filled with rock wool in the keel, which can achieve better sound insulation effect, and its light weight and light steel structure are more conducive to building anti-seismic.

7, moistureproof durable: huacheng hing water board base material is made of high fiber cement board, not strong permeability, physical properties and concrete, strength and hardness increases over time, the plate after the installation is complete with corrosion resistant and strong weather resistance, even in the open and half open environment also can maintain the stability of performance, can be reduced and external structure between the water vapor permeability.

8. Green safety: the plate will not shrink, expand or bend after high-pressure steaming and curing, and will not deform or deteriorate due to the change of temperature and humidity conditions in the environment

9, construction is fast: plate construction adopts dry construction method, installation is simple and fast, can shorten the construction period, reduce labor costs.

10, easy to decorate: huacheng xing clear water board size accurate, smooth surface is easy to do both indoor and outdoor, with cement board protectant after brushing.

Mainly in home decoration, external walls, decorative interior walls, subway, tunnel and other indoor engineering wall board, LOGO wall, all kinds of industrial and commercial engineering ceiling and partition wall.
Common specifications: 1220*2440*8-12mm

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