What is the use of calcium silicate board

Date:2018-11-30 Views:1203
Calcium silicate board is a kind of decorative insulation integration board with siliceous materials and calcium materials as the main component, the color of the board is khaki, with good fire resistance and durability, its fire resistance is mainly from the composition of calcium silicate, calcium silicate is a siliceous inorganic, melting point is high, and insoluble in water, alcohol and alkali. Is the inorganic rigid insulation materials in the highest strength of insulation materials. Calcium silicate board is on the basis of flame retardant additives through special process, and calcium silicate board has good fire protection moistureproof and anticorrosive function, it is one of the biggest selling point or his decorative plate surface level off, the tactility moderate, very suitable for all kinds of quiet environment and resting places, including library, natatorium, hotel and other places, calcium silicate board is mainly used to replace traditional flammable not durable decorative plates, often used in all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings hung ceilings and walls, home decoration, furniture plate, etc.

Calcium silicate with selected siliceous materials such as quartz powder, fly ash, diatomite, calcium quality material such as lime, calcium carbide, cement, mud and fiber materials (inorganic mineral fiber and cellulose fiber loose short fiber reinforced material) as flame retardant additives such as additives according to certain proportion coordination, after copy from forming, autoclaved curing, accelerate the curing reaction in high temperature and high pressure saturated steam, the formation of calcium silicate gel again through dry processing, etc. Calcium silicate board because of its excellent performance and decorative, got the favour of consumers and market, the state department in charge of calcium silicate board have already been listed as key development projects, the use of calcium silicate board is a rapid growth trend, calcium silicate board market at an annual rate of more than 20 ℅ rapid growth. Calcium silicate board has the following characteristics: 1, fire and moisture proof 2, heat insulation 3, high durability 4, light weight and high strength 5, size stability
Commonly used specification: 1220*2440*8mm application range: wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, road sound insulation, sound absorption barrier, ship bulkhead and air duct and other industrial boards and sound absorption wall, sound absorption ceiling, pouring wall, composite wallboard panels and other fields.

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