Huacheng xing participated in the 2017 industry academic and annual conference

Date:2017-10-21 Views:1504

Autumn October, when the 19th national congress held, the association's annual "the 10th national fiber cement products academic, standards, technical information exchange and China silicate society fiber cement products professional committee, building structure and light board professional committee of the second five annual meeting" was held in the beautiful city of hangzhou.

The meeting is scheduled for three days, daily from oct 20 to oct 22. Attending the meeting are council member units, association member units and related research and design institutes, colleges and universities, fiber cement products, lightweight plate, assembly construction industry, enterprises and institutions.

The core content of the meeting is that the association should grasp the policy orientation and understand the development trend of the industry. Vigorously promote the use of fiber cement products in the construction of new building materials, to help enterprises transition rookie products!

The meeting of China's fiber cement products industry in the future industrial development, technological innovation made a forward-looking guidance analysis, the convening of the meeting will certainly promote the development of China's fiber cement products industry and promote the role. Annual meeting to carry out the tenet of "scientific development" important thought, establish harmonious fiber cement sheet products and light industry, the development of science and technology the first productive force, for the majority of fibre cement products and lightweight plank industry science and technology workers to provide a high level of academic communication stage, and create conditions for inspiration and produce original innovation thought. To promote the growth and improvement of scientific and technological talents in the fiber-cement products and light board industry, to promote the combination of science and technology and economy, and to contribute to the scientific and technological progress and development of fiber-cement products and light board.

Fiber cement products industry belongs to the sunrise industry, new building materials in recent years, along with the construction of urbanization in the real estate industry in our country to accelerate change, fiber cement products demand is increasing, enterprise technology in constant innovation and development by leaps and bounds, the meeting's opening for cement products enterprise quality management and standardization of business in the future on given to help and support, to jointly do a good job in the industry standardization work, improve the level of industry products, innovative products, such as green standards are fully affirmation of some aspects.

As one of the units that participated in the preparation of calcium silicate board and fiber cement board national industry standard and one of the units that served as the vice chairman of calcium silicate cement board branch of China association of concrete and cement products, Mr. Liu wenhua, chairman of huachengxing group, was invited to attend the academic exchange meeting of fiber cement products.

In the exchange meeting, the delegates Shared the practical experience of huacheng xing group in the production technology accumulation and promotion of new type of cement fiber building materials for more than 30 years. At the same time, as the representative of huacheng xing group, I communicated and learned with the leaders of the fibre-cement products professional committee, council members of the association and relevant people in the industry. In the exchange, we learned from each other technical knowledge and management experience, learned from each other according to the enterprise's own development, expanded our thinking for the future product research and development and innovation ability, and made more breakthroughs in the application field of new products.

The purpose of the exchange meeting is to grasp the future development direction of fiber cement products, combined with the enterprise's own product advantages, is committed to creating quality products recognized by consumers, industry recognized industry leader. With more than 30 years of technology accumulation and scientific management, huacheng xing group is committed to becoming a benchmark enterprise and an excellent brand enterprise in the fiber cement industry.