2017 China industry top ten brands (calcium silicate board) activity selection, huacheng xing top

Date:2017-7-12 Views:1304

In 2017, is an economy poised for a year, household building materials industry in the national economic policy, market breakthrough the bottleneck, industry demand gradually show positive growth trend, combined with the building materials industry new ideas, new concept of development, product individuation demand more and more obvious, and construction materials only continuous innovation, research and development, quality control, to win more market, in the first half of this year was the age of building materials enterprise organizations, various building materials companies are committed to win reputation and satisfaction of consumers. The brand construction of an enterprise of building materials is not one year two years can achieve unprecedented height, the approbate that wants to win consumer is to need to pay a lot of hardships and effort, still have even if plank is on the market also need time will verify, alleged true gold is not afraid of fire to try, this truth believes everybody understands. In 2017, building materials enterprises are scrambling to comment on the reputation of consumers. The reputation of consumers and the building of market brands have become the industry dream that huacheng xing has been pursuing.


According to the brand strategy deployment, huacheng xing is committed to creating the first place of ten brands (calcium silicate board) in the Chinese industry that consumers like. So let's take a look at the definition of ten brands: Guide brand consumption, with "create brand integrity" for the purpose, to provide consumers and dealer of choose and buy brand choice, brand ranking with database trusted brand advantage, on the basis of online voting recommendation, combined with the enterprise information, media reports, a comprehensive evaluation of research institutions in real time to launch various industries in high brand reputation, product quality, good corporate credit industry "top ten brand" activities, ten big brand is the leading brand in various industries, is the Chinese market brand true embodiment.


The brand brand selection according to the ten brands of real-time supervision and testing method, not evaluation, not selection, not recognition, not certification, not bidding ranking, but is the majority of users of the brand use experience of the real results. The voting data were obtained from national authoritative data, and the evaluation criteria included company qualification and honor, etc., which were obtained from various media industry magazines, TV, Internet users (post bar, search engine, BBS, etc.). Based on this, the company with the highest degree of satisfaction and trust in the industry is invested.


Since February 13, through the process of recommendation, candidate publicity and public voting, the activity has lasted for nearly five months. Relying on the website of 10 brands, the activity of online voting for China's top 10 brands -- calcium silicate board has been carried out. As of July 11, at 18:00, the curtain has come down smoothly. Huacheng building materials did not live up to expectations, with 279,571 votes and 1913 votes high praise top.

Huacheng xing group after more than 30 years of hard work, excellence, continuous development, is now a collection of research and development, production, sales in one of the large building materials entity enterprises. At the same time, he is the vice President unit of calcium silicate board and fiber cement board branch of China association of concrete and cement products. Is one of the national industry standard units.


According to the organizers of the event, brand ranking network announcement information, the organizing committee will be in July 12 solstice July 13 period in sina, netease, China economic network, phoenix network, China network, China network, CCTV network and more than 70 large media announced 2017 China calcium silicate board top 10 brands list.
Through this activity, improve the corporate image, expand the visibility of the product. At the same time, it also poses new challenges to the further development of enterprises. Further verification of huacheng xing production of calcium silicate plate in the market is recognized. It is an indispensable new building material in the future building materials.