Anhui huacheng xing investment expansion layout of east China sales network

Date:2017-6-17 Views:1361

If the huacheng xing group in east China to set up a factory is compared to a battle, our strategic thinking is based on the Yangtze river delta, the product coverage of the two lakes, guangdong; The Yangtze river delta and the central plains area, and the southwest area kunming huacheng xing and Beijing area jiude echo each other, to the point belt line; To complete the construction of the expected sales network quickly. The key to this campaign lies in production, which tends to the current sales situation. It is extremely urgent to launch production lines no. 2 and no. 3 in anhui huacheng xing and no. 2 in kunming huacheng xing.

In November 2016, kunming huashengxing building materials co., ltd. took over the former Yangtze river delta sanle building materials co., LTD. Anhui huacheng xing building materials technology co., LTD. Was established. In the 17 years after the official launch of the Spring Festival production and sales, when today's products have been in short supply.

As early as when he took over the construction of the factory, the decision-makers took a far-sighted view. While comprehensively transforming the production line of the original factory, he conducted market research and demonstration on the no. 2 and no. 3 production lines, cleaned up all the buildings and equipment that could not meet the production requirements of the enterprise, and made unified planning. We will focus on production and construction at the same time as expected.

Anhui huacheng hing line 2 and line 3 of the total investment of nearly one hundred million yuan, covers an area of 50 mu, the introduction of the cape with Japan, Switzerland may Tex coke carrier of advanced manufacturing technology and international latest production equipment, adopt international advanced mesh manufacture paper with pulp technology, product appearance and inner quality is better than other similar products.

At present, the basic construction is basically completed, and it is expected to be put into production before the end of 2018. After the completion, the annual output will reach 6 million pieces, which will basically guarantee the supply and demand of products and lay a foundation for the realization of the strategic thinking of the central region.

At the same time, the early start of the kunming huacheng xing 2 production line is currently under construction.

Anhui huachengxing building materials technology co., ltd. is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze river delta, with superior geographical environment and increasingly high economic development. The factory is close to 104 national road, only 7 kilometers away from the exit of huangnigang of ningluo expressway. Beijing-shanghai railway and beijing-shanghai high-speed railway pass through the country; It is about 100 kilometers away from nanjing lukou international airport and hefei luogang airport. Inland waterways lead directly to the Yangtze river. Convenient transportation and superior location guarantee the output of all kinds of products and raw material supply of huacheng xing, and timely and quickly ensure the demand of users.

The series of cement fiber board and calcium silicate board produced by huacheng xing not only meet the requirements of the action plan for the promotion and application of new wall materials, but also meet the 13th five-year plan for building energy conservation and green building development proposed by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development. The series of products produced by huacheng xing have been widely used in the assembly of steel structure buildings, and the products have good market prospects and economic benefits.