2017 annual meeting of calcium silicate cement board branch -- hua chengxing gave a speech on "production experience of fiber cement board and calcium silicate board"

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On June 8, 2017, the 2017 annual meeting of calcium silicate cement board branch of China concrete and cement products association was held in zhuhai. With the theme of "collusion, co-construction and sharing", the conference aimed to seek a blueprint for sustainable development of the industry, build a technical benchmark for the industry and share the One Belt And One Road golden opportunities at home and abroad.

Meeting presided over by the branch deputy secretary-general Wang Hanhong, vice President of CCPA, branch director Yao Yuanjun speech, he pointed out that calcium silicate cement industry in recent years, with the ups and downs of economic development in China, has experienced many ups and downs, also met with many, but under the joint efforts of colleagues in the industry, industry got great progress, more mature, more leading technology, put flowers for enterprise development, industry withstand market baptism, the test of time, complied with the trend of the development of the national economy. The state gradually increased the intensity of environmental protection, to clean, energy-saving, environmental production put forward higher requirements; At the same time, the promotion of prefabricated building, external wall insulation integration product quality put forward higher requirements; The industry is also facing competition from other industries. These problems in the industry need to be faced together and solved together. It is hoped that enterprises in the industry can seize the opportunity of national ecological and environmental protection construction, and work together to create a new blue sky.

The meeting

Kunming huachengxing building materials co., LTD.

With the theme of "collusion, co-construction and sharing", kunming huacheng xing company Shared some experience and measures in the production practice of copying method. What basically tell about is "copy law" advanced technological process and a few technology in production and the series problem that production encounters.

Zheng jun pointed out that huacheng xing integrated more than 30 years of production experience and technical innovation, developed a set of fiber cement board, calcium silicate board in the production of production to increase output and stabilize product quality method "copy method".

Zheng jun introduced the selection of admixtures, the quality of pulp fiber processing and the determination of control parameters, the treatment of waste materials and outdated materials. At the same time, it is pointed out that the stability and improvement of product quality are inseparable from many other details, such as the quality of the screen wheel, the stability of the feed concentration and the liquid level of the cage.



           Kunming huacheng xing building materials co., LTD



 As the vice President unit of China association of concrete and cement products, calcium silicate cement board branch, and the national industry standard preparation unit of calcium silicate board and fiber cement board, I will take an active part in this meeting to give full play to the responsibilities and obligations of a group enterprise and set a good example for the industry.