Analysis of calcium silicate plate season, season is not light

Date:2018-5-8 Views:1302
Analysis of calcium silicate plate season, season is not light

Although be to decorate busy season now, but market of calcium silicate board faces such a kind of current situation now however "busy season is not flourishing, weak season is not weak", consumer inclens to be consumed at reason more and more. In the whole house customization has become a trend today, whether to continue to use the traditional way of brand expansion, or in the customized market to fight, or directly into the e-commerce channel, calcium silicate plate enterprises in this process need to constantly explore the market rules, keep up with the market demand in order to move forward in the fierce competition.

Calcium silicate plate enterprises need to build brand
Although the big market environment is not good, but some do brand enterprises, do the domestic market enterprises, last year's growth rate is still very fast. Want to do brand now, relative early a few years difficulty also is much bigger. But calcium silicate board enterprises still want to build their own brand: in the research and development of products, to adapt to the current consumer groups to innovation, not necessarily "tall on", not necessarily the development of big brand ideas, also not on the media advertising. This simple and crude way to build a brand is out of date, calcium silicate board enterprises only need to have their own "fan base", can get a market segment of the crowd's recognition, intensive cultivation in a more subdivided market.

Whole-house customization has become a trend
At the same time, there are some new growth points for calcium silicate plate enterprises excited. For example, the customization market of the whole house develops very fast. Under this consumption trend, people's consumption concept has changed, and personalized demand has been attached more and more importance. In recent years, many calcium silicate plate enterprises also began to intervene in this piece. The furniture that decorate a spot to do, do bad craft, also not environmental protection, and through whole house custom-built, have good production equipment in the factory, craft, environmental protection also is done better, decorate a spot to just install, also reduce consumer to decorate time. Of course, for calcium silicate plate enterprises, the intervention of the whole house customization, need to deal with designers, factory production equipment input to be more intelligent, customized need accurate data control.

E-commerce is the key to the development of calcium silicate board industry
Now the Internet and people's life has been inseparable, "Internet +" mode has penetrated into all walks of life, the Internet has changed people's consumption habits, in the new consumption trend, e-commerce is a great growth point in the future. According to the China e-commerce research center, the e-commerce scale of home building materials products in China will reach 205 billion in 2015, among which the online shopping scale will increase by 249% and the online shopping rate will reach 17.5%. In short, in the face of increasingly fierce competition environment, calcium silicate board enterprises only constantly adjust to occupy a place in the market, and the whole house has become a trend of customization