The main characteristics of the whole body board and the improvement of roof waterproofing of the whole body board

Date:2018-5-8 Views:1316
I. introduction of the whole body plate

(1) the whole body plate

Whole body plate material with high quality fire prevention quartz powder, fire retardant mineral powder, high quality fire resistance plant fiber and a variety of mineral fiber, supplemented by cement and add special fire prevention materials, through advanced production process molding, pressure, steaming and other special technology processing and become a professional fire prevention plate. Fire prevention to achieve the national building materials A1 class incombustibility, fire limit up to 5 hours, excellent resistance to high temperature cracking performance, no methanol plate, fire and anti-bacterial corrosion.

(2) characteristics of the whole body plate

Cement fiber board has such excellent characteristics as light weight, high strength, heat preservation, energy saving, soil saving and decoration. Use cement fiber board not only make the building function improves greatly. It can also make the inside and outside of the building more modern flavor to meet the aesthetic requirements of people cement fiber board can significantly reduce the weight of the building. The cement fiber board building material first has the time value, suits the present building request as well as the modern humanity esthetic. Cement fibreboard building materials with fire resistance, heat resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof, heat insulation and sound insulation, lightweight, high strength and other superior performance, more suitable for the requirements of modern buildings.

(3) features of the whole body plate

Excellent and comfortable living environment has always been one of the life goals that people assiduously pursue. Colorful building materials products not only make our pursuit of thousands of rooms become a reality, but also provide a solid material foundation for people to change from "home ownership" to "home ownership".

The whole body plate has the following characteristics:

(1) use natural materials as little as possible in the production of raw materials, especially non-renewable materials.

(2) low-energy production technology and pollution-free production technology.

(3) formaldehyde, halides and aromatic agents are not used in the production process of construction products, and pigments and additives containing mercury and its compounds, nickel and chromium and their compounds are not used.

Two, the whole body board roof waterproof improvement

(1) roof leakage

For building an important part of the roof leakage should be important performance, in order to be able to make the roof can fully play its performance, choose to use a poor quality of waterproof material, can make the waterproof effect, some construction personnel as soon as possible in order to be able to complete the construction task, save construction procedure, reduce the use of construction materials, etc., so the effect of the roofing waterproof layer is very poor. In addition, some construction enterprises just blindly expand the scale, the professional level of hired personnel is not high, and even some personnel do not have the corresponding qualification certificate, the construction technology level of these construction personnel is not high, the operation is not standardized, affecting the effect of waterproof layer. And some building plate can not withstand the erosion of wind, frost, rain and snow or building materials do not have the function of corrosion resistance.

(2) improved methods

As a new type of building material, the whole body plate has unique advantages in corrosion resistance. Moreover, the whole body plate is light in weight, high in strength and light in weight, which will not increase the load of the building structure. So in the roofing waterproof improved material selection body plate is more sensible, and the size of the body plate is stable, convenient construction, do not need professional personnel or large machines to construction. On the other hand, it can be seen from the analysis that the selection of the whole body plate can reduce human, material and financial resources to a certain extent. The use of the whole body plate can protect the main structure of the building and extend the service life of the building.

As a new and fast building material, the whole body board will replace the traditional building materials, which plays a leading role in promoting the progress of The Times. The whole body board saves the building energy consumption and improves the service life of the building.