What is fiber cement board, fiber cement board industry new trend of market demand

Date:2018-5-8 Views:1315
In 2017, the fiber cement board industry took turns to play the new products, multi-functional, multi-tone, all kinds of fiber cement board products are full of our eyeballs, also indicates this year and even the future fiber cement board industry market demand of the new trend.
What are fiber cement slabs:
Fiber cement board refers to the inorganic non-metallic green board made of cement as the basic material and adhesive, mineral fiber cement and other fibers as the reinforcing material, through pulping, molding, curing and other processes. Its superior performance is widely used in various fields of the construction industry.
General specifications:
(1) 1.2 x2.4 m
(2) 1.22 x2.44 m

Common thickness of fiber cement board: 4-40mm

In the domestic thickness can be extended 2.5mm-90mm, the size of the domestic plate from the general size of 1200 2400 or 1220 2440, the former for the domestic general standard, the latter for the international general standard. (other smaller sizes can be cut at will)

Fiber cement board features:
Fire insulation: non-combustible grade A, the board will not burn in the event of fire, will not produce toxic smoke; Low conductivity makes it an ideal insulating material.
Waterproof and moisture-proof: in semi-open air and high humidity environment, can still maintain the stability of the performance, will not sag or deformation.
Thermal insulation: low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, high density, good sound insulation.
Light weight and high strength: the plate pressurized by a ten thousand ton flat oil press is not only strong, but also not easy to deform and warp; Small weight suitable for roofing ceiling and other aspects.
Simple construction: dry operation, keel and plate installation and construction is simple, fast. Deep - processed products also have the characteristics of simple construction and better performance.
Economic and beautiful: light, with the coordination of keel, effectively reduce engineering and decoration costs; Uniform color appearance, smooth surface, direct use can make the building surface color unity.
Safe and harmless: lower than the national "radiological protection standard for building materials", the measured index is the same as the lawn value 20 meters away from the surrounding buildings.
Long life: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and will not be damaged by moisture or insects and ants, and the strength and hardness with time to enhance, ensure a long service life.
Can be processed and second decoration performance is good: according to the actual situation for sawing, drilling, carving, drilling nails, painting, paste ceramic tile, wall cloth and other materials.

According to market investigation report shows, also became fiber-cement board market to innovate development, solve homogenization problem "sharp weapon". From the current market, the alert homogenization phenomenon is the unified attitude of many enterprises. The person that makes shower room product concerned thinks, the existence of homogenization phenomenon, destroyed the fairness of market competition, to with average consumer character, lopsided competition can reduce to the experience degree of the product.

As consumption market is occupied by 80 hind, 90 hind generation gradually after, data shows, the design that the consumer that has 90% pays attention to shower room, have 87.2% consumer fancy "custom" characteristic chooses endurance board shower room. Obviously, plagiarism and "customization" is the contradiction to the market, and the contradiction is the source and power of the development of things, so the innovative behavior of fiber cement board enterprises is to solve this contradiction, and then promote the development of the industry.