Huacheng xing explosion-proof board | anti-explosion board
Huacheng xing reinforced fiber cement anti-explosion plate, also known as explosion-proof plate, is a special plate developed and produced to provide solutions for special working system requirements such as potential explosion danger area and shockproof


What is hua chengxing reinforced fiber cement flameproof board (flameproof board)?
Huacheng xing reinforced fiber cement anti-explosion plate, also known as explosion-proof plate, is a special plate developed and produced to provide solutions for special work system requirements such as potential explosion danger area and shockproof.
It is composed of reinforced fiber cement board surface pressure galvanized steel material, has good anti-explosion and flame retardant effect. Due to the special structure inside the plate can effectively reduce the impact of explosion, high durability,
According to the strict testing of national professional blasting testing institutions, the anti-explosion ability of single board is up to 1.6MPa, and the anti-explosion ability of anti-explosion wall is up to 2.0MPa, which is much higher than the relevant regulations of the state of the wall is 1.4 MPa.
Can withstand all kinds of environmental wear and tear and damage, not because of environmental changes, temperature and humidity changes and deformation or metamorphism resulting in harmful substances.
It is mainly made into explosion-proof partition wall, explosion-proof ceiling, explosion-proof exhaust air pipe/cable pipe, explosion-proof cable protection, explosion-proof door and steel structure explosion-proof protection and other systems.
The explosion-proof plate has been approved by the market and architects for its stable performance through strict testing.

Product introduction

I. production process: in the production and production of the explosion-proof plate of huacheng xing, the special process of adding galvanized steel material on both sides of the reinforced fiber cement plate is adopted, which is elaborately made through more than 10 processes including pulping, molding, compound pressure and high-temperature curing.

It can prevent the impact force brought by the high pressure fire fighting flow and fire fighting.

Ii. Product features

Huacheng xing reinforced fiber cement blast resistant wall series features:

Explosion-proof: the explosion-proof wall system composed of explosion-proof plates has good explosion-proof performance and anti-impact performance, and the anti-explosion ability is as high as 2.0mpa, which can effectively prevent the damage and damage brought by explosion shock wave to surrounding people and buildings.

Lightweight: explosion-proof wall is made of metal structure, the total weight does not exceed 60kg/M2, can greatly reduce the load requirements of the whole explosion-proof building, than the traditional practice (concrete or brick wall reinforcement) has more light weight, easy to transport, easy installation, strong mobility, conducive to recycling and other advantages.

Fire prevention: the design specification of the explosion-proof wall has good fire resistance, and its fire resistance can accept the combustion test lasting for 4 hours, which can meet the requirements of all kinds of high grade fireproof walls. As far as possible avoid the occurrence of a fire, to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the public.

Stability: the performance of explosion-proof wall is stable, and it will not deteriorate or deform due to the change of environmental temperature or humidity. At the same time, it does not breed bacteria and does not overflow toxic substances. It guarantees our health and safety.

Facing: the surface of explosion-proof wall is composed of galvanized steel, which is easy to interconnect with other steel components; Convenient construction; A more flexible system architecture can provide multiple solutions. The base material used in the explosion-proof system is explosion-proof plate, which is a kind of advanced fiber cement composite base material. If decorative or functional requirements, according to the requirements of a variety of finishes.

Other: explosion-proof wall also has earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, high strength, high resistance, sound absorption, frost resistance, and a large format.

Commercial buildings, power stations, industrial/military, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, warehouses, subways and transport facilities. Construction unit, architect, construction unit can choose this product according to the specific situation of the project.
Explosion-proof plate has become a standard part of large projects. The safety coefficient of buildings with explosion-proof plate is much higher than that of buildings without explosion-proof plate.
The explosion-proof plate has been widely used in Beijing, shijiazhuang, Hohhot, baotou, tianjin, Shanghai, guangzhou, xi 'an, dalian and other first-tier and second-tier cities.
Main specifications 1200*2400*9.5mm if the customer needs other format size, the enterprise can take the place of cutting, special specifications can be scheduled processing. If there is any technical problem, please contact our company in time.

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